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Don’t Get Attached by Can Yucel

You don’t get attached to one thing blindly

You don’t say ‘I cannot live without her’

Don’t say it, because you live.

It is not necessary to use such clichéd words


Don’t love too much for example.

If she loves you less, your heart will break

And usually, she loves you less than you love her anyway

If you don’t love too much, you won’t get hurt a great deal


If you don’t possess much, you won’t be possessed either..

You don’t possess the building you work in, the table, the telephone, your cards

Don’t even own your hands and your legs

You behave as if they are not yours.


Then if you don’t have anything, you won’t be afraid of losing.

You act as if you could live without them

For example, don’t have much furniture in your home

So you could walk clumsily around.


If you insist on having something

You will have the places where rooftops join the skies

You have the sky

Or the sun, the moon or even the stars


For example the northern star, it will be yours

You should say ‘It is mine’

If you insist on possessing something

Rainbows will be yours for example


If you want to belong to something, belong to the colours

For example to orange or to pink

Or you will belong to paradise

You have to live not possessing much


And not belonging to a great deal

You will live as if life would slip from your palms at anytime

And at the same time, it is yours forever.

You will live attached to life

By its edge