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Whoever I Love Is You By Attila Ilhan

Whoever I love is you / wonder
how your love changes them all,
When their eyes are blue, they turn into leaf green,
They speak in your voice of course,
Their half glances are so dangerous,
They smoke your cigarette just like you do,
Whoever I love is you / wonder
for some reason you are indispensable.

I left everything / neither love nor lust,
The blonde one I start with, ends up brunette,
Their complicated faces are in dark shadows,
Their lips are sharp as a red razor,
We are in trouble! How should we end?
When the guitar moves, the time is punctured,
Whoever I love is you / wonder
your doors are closed, they can’t be entered.

Whoever I love is you/ consisting of you..
I call all of them by your name,
They giggle behind me spoiledly,
The rain that they bring / The one I forgot at you,
that one with big warm seeds.
They kiss wildly like you do,
Whoever I love is you / Wonder
if you are a human or a genie, I don’t understand.