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I Think You’re Just Like Everybody Else Now by Nazim Hikmet

My eyes don’t see the love in your eyes.
My heart doesn’t receive the love from them.
I’ve already exhausted my soul, take it, exhaust it a little bit more.
Because I think you’re just like everybody else now.

Though last night I was waiting for you to come,
today I’m running away from you secretly.
See, I’d looked into my heart well enough,
then I understood that you’re just like everybody else.

I completely forgot you, I’m sure of it .
Now my promise belonged to the past.
I don’t even have any grudge against you in my heart.
I think you’re just like everybody else now.

I Only Knew How to Give up by Can Yucel

I have never said ‘I love you’ to a person I have never loved;

or I’ve never expected the person I love to love me back.

I’ve never put a price on my friendship, and I’ve never put a limit on my love.

If I loved someone, I went all the way,
If I was done with anyone, even though I would miss them to death, I didn’t look back.

Sometimes I was heartbroken, and maybe sometimes I broke hearts.

But I said ‘mistakes are for people’.

I forgave, I asked for forgiveness.

Some of them broke my heart more than once but I still forgave them.

Maybe they judged me and called me ‘really naive’

Maybe they snickered insidiously.

But the thing they have forgotten was;

I wasn’t the one who was mistaken!

They were the only ones that were mistaken most of the times but they weren’t aware of it.

Since they don’t know what a loss of a person is like,

Since losing people has become normal to them,

but I have never lost a person,

I only knew how to give up when the time came..

Alone Again by Charles Bukowski

I think of each of
living somewhere else
sitting somewhere else
standing somewhere else
sleeping somewhere else
or maybe feeding a
reading a
newspaper or screaming
at their
new man…

but thankfully
my female past
(for me)
has concluded

yet most others seem to
believe that a
new relationship will certainly

that the last one
was simply the
error of
choosing a bad

bad taste
bad luck
bad fate.

and then there are some who
believe that old
relationships can be
revived and made new

but please
if you feel that way
don’t phone
don’t write
don’t arrive

and meanwhile,
don’t feel bruised because this
poem will last much
longer than we

it deserves to:
you see
its strength is
that it seeks
mate at

You Are A Must For Me by Attila Ilhan

You are a must for me; you never know
that your name is like a nail riveting my brain
I see your eyes as ever-expanding dimensions.
You are a must for me; you never know
that I burn within, at the thought of you?

Trees prepare themselves for autumn;
can this city be that old Istanbul?
Now clouds disintegrate in the darkness
as the street lights flicker
and over pavements, it is the smell of rain
You are a must for me, yet you are absent …

Love sometimes is an outrageous fear.
A man tires suddenly at nightfall,
of living enslaved to the razor at his neck.
Sometimes his passion wrings his hands,
expunging other lives from his existence.
Sometimes whichever door he knocks
behind him, it is the whistle of wicked silence of loneliness.

A screechy phonograph is playing in Fatih …
a song about some Friday long ago.
I would listen it all from a vacant corner,
I would bring you an untouched sky.
Weeks disintegrates in my hands.
Whatever I do, whatever I hold on to, wherever I go,
you are a must for me, yet you are absent …

Perhaps you are the blue dotted child in June
Ah, no one knows you, no one knows!
A freighter leaks from your deserted eyes…
perhaps you are boarding in Yesilkoy?
You are drenched there, shivering with the rain
Perhaps you are blind, beset, ravished,
Wind is disheveling your hair.

Whenever I think of a life,
at this wolves’ table, maybe hard
shameless, yet without soiling our hands …
Whenever I think of a life,
I begin with your name, defying the silence,
and your secret tides surge within me
No, it wouldn’t happen in other ways
You are a must for me; you never know..