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Mountain Wind by Umit Yasar Oguzcan

There was also falling apart from you in my destiny

To be honest, I never thought of this before..

Before I knew you

And before I loved you, crazy like this

I used to say loneliness is good

Pack up, and get away from this city

Towards the mountains where you see like a line in the horizon

Go to the seas where the winds carry iodine smell

I used to say, go as far as you can

However, I understood that it is impossible to escape from you

I understood that it is impossible to endure your absence even for one day.

I didn’t know this.

I am trying to endure it anyway

I pick a wild flower that looks like your eyes

I call the clouds passing by, thinking that they are your hands

Whenever the wind brings a nice smell

I console myself saying that it has caressed your hair and come to me

Living another time with you

Living you at another time

You, before everything

Definitely you

Undoubtedly you

You can be far away

You can be by my side

It is enough that you exist in this time

That is enough, even if I don’t exist

I am winding you up a woollen ball since years

You never come to an end

It is obvious as day that I am helpless

What flows from the fountains as water is your beauty

Your kindness is the light falling on my face

You, as warm as the sun

As real as the nature

You, the reason of flowers growing in gardens

Higher than the water, the air, the sun

You, the only love inside me

You, the only light that I can see

Take a breath for me

Don’t leave me airless

Look at the clouds, the skies also for me

If I say I am thirsty

You must drink a sip of water

If I get tired, you must sleep

My hands want to be loved

My hair wants to be caressed

My lips want to be kissed

You must understand.

Trees don’t have green any more

The sky lost the blue

These mountains aren’t those mountains

They don’t have the smell of thyme in the winds

Who is this desperate man

Whose are these red eyes

Sleepless for so many nights

With no day

With no night



I understood

It is impossible to live without you in this world

It is impossible.

For the Ones Who are Waiting by Umit Yasar Oguzcan

Whenever I hear some footsteps
I run to the door
To see if that’s you coming
Whenever I see some brown hair
I feel heart-broken
I feel like crying
Everything reminds me of you
Whenever I look at the sky
I see thousands of your eyes
Whenever wind touches my face
I can’t stop thinking of your hands
The smoke of all the cigarettes I burn resembles you
Whatever I eat
Whatever I drink
The taste reminds me of you
And this unbearable distress inside me
This matchless grief
Is because I am waiting for you

I can’t look at your picture any more
I am afraid to sleep
I am ashamed of all the furniture in my room
This sofa is still waiting for you to come and sit
This mirror is waiting for you to stand and watch your beauty
This glass is on the table just to be able to touch your lips

And the moment you come back
This clock can stop because of happiness
Time can go crazy
Because in my world
Immortality means to love you

A baby waits for birth
A deadly patient waits for death
Plants wait for rain and sun
A lonely woman waits to be loved
And think of this, a man,
With the hope and fear of all the ones waiting,
Waits for you
Like a man sentenced to death waiting for execution

Until you come back
My windows will be closed
Not to let the wind in
I won’t open the curtains any more
Not to let the daylight in
Then I will be heartsick
In this darkness, in this deep loneliness
And I will scream for days and nights
Where are you, where are you!

One day, you will come through this door
I know
This wait will come to an end sooner or later
Even if you come years later
Even if you come on the day I die
I will forget all this waiting, I will forget that I am dead
I will be happy like a child
I will get up, embrace you
And I will cry

Did I Love You? By Umit Yasar Oguzcan

Did I love you? I did, who cares!
I held you; I placed you to the deepest inside of me.
I took, caressed your hair, I kissed..
I drank, sip by sip, your beauty.

Did I love you? I did, for sure.
It was with me, the most terrible one of yearnings
I got mad, how far you were…
It wasn’t love, this was something else that never got enough

Did I love you? I did, actually.
While loving, I was completed, I became integrated.
There was someone who had cried for nights;
there was someone who was passionette with you; that was me.

Did I love you? I did, the greatest,
the most unfaded roses opened inside of me
you were something makes my life worth living;
you were… in my blurry youth

Did I love you? I did, just like that.
I arrived to a line with you
and one day I lost you there.
Did I love you? I did, what about you?

Longing by Aziz Nesin

You made me wait so long, so long that
You got me used to wait for you.
Even though you came back after a long time
I now love longing for you more than I love you.

I Think You’re Just Like Everybody Else Now by Nazim Hikmet

My eyes don’t see the love in your eyes.
My heart doesn’t receive the love from them.
I’ve already exhausted my soul, take it, exhaust it a little bit more.
Because I think you’re just like everybody else now.

Though last night I was waiting for you to come,
today I’m running away from you secretly.
See, I’d looked into my heart well enough,
then I understood that you’re just like everybody else.

I completely forgot you, I’m sure of it .
Now my promise belonged to the past.
I don’t even have any grudge against you in my heart.
I think you’re just like everybody else now.