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Did I Love You? By Umit Yasar Oguzcan

Did I love you? I did, who cares!
I held you; I placed you to the deepest inside of me.
I took, caressed your hair, I kissed..
I drank, sip by sip, your beauty.

Did I love you? I did, for sure.
It was with me, the most terrible one of yearnings
I got mad, how far you were…
It wasn’t love, this was something else that never got enough

Did I love you? I did, actually.
While loving, I was completed, I became integrated.
There was someone who had cried for nights;
there was someone who was passionette with you; that was me.

Did I love you? I did, the greatest,
the most unfaded roses opened inside of me
you were something makes my life worth living;
you were… in my blurry youth

Did I love you? I did, just like that.
I arrived to a line with you
and one day I lost you there.
Did I love you? I did, what about you?

Longing by Aziz Nesin

You made me wait so long, so long that
You got me used to wait for you.
Even though you came back after a long time
I now love longing for you more than I love you.

I Think You’re Just Like Everybody Else Now by Nazim Hikmet

My eyes don’t see the love in your eyes.
My heart doesn’t receive the love from them.
I’ve already exhausted my soul, take it, exhaust it a little bit more.
Because I think you’re just like everybody else now.

Though last night I was waiting for you to come,
today I’m running away from you secretly.
See, I’d looked into my heart well enough,
then I understood that you’re just like everybody else.

I completely forgot you, I’m sure of it .
Now my promise belonged to the past.
I don’t even have any grudge against you in my heart.
I think you’re just like everybody else now.

I Only Knew How to Give up by Can Yucel

I have never said ‘I love you’ to a person I have never loved;

or I’ve never expected the person I love to love me back.

I’ve never put a price on my friendship, and I’ve never put a limit on my love.

If I loved someone, I went all the way,
If I was done with anyone, even though I would miss them to death, I didn’t look back.

Sometimes I was heartbroken, and maybe sometimes I broke hearts.

But I said ‘mistakes are for people’.

I forgave, I asked for forgiveness.

Some of them broke my heart more than once but I still forgave them.

Maybe they judged me and called me ‘really naive’

Maybe they snickered insidiously.

But the thing they have forgotten was;

I wasn’t the one who was mistaken!

They were the only ones that were mistaken most of the times but they weren’t aware of it.

Since they don’t know what a loss of a person is like,

Since losing people has become normal to them,

but I have never lost a person,

I only knew how to give up when the time came..

You Are A Must For Me by Attila Ilhan

You are a must for me; you never know
that your name is like a nail riveting my brain
I see your eyes as ever-expanding dimensions.
You are a must for me; you never know
that I burn within, at the thought of you?

Trees prepare themselves for autumn;
can this city be that old Istanbul?
Now clouds disintegrate in the darkness
as the street lights flicker
and over pavements, it is the smell of rain
You are a must for me, yet you are absent …

Love sometimes is an outrageous fear.
A man tires suddenly at nightfall,
of living enslaved to the razor at his neck.
Sometimes his passion wrings his hands,
expunging other lives from his existence.
Sometimes whichever door he knocks
behind him, it is the whistle of wicked silence of loneliness.

A screechy phonograph is playing in Fatih …
a song about some Friday long ago.
I would listen it all from a vacant corner,
I would bring you an untouched sky.
Weeks disintegrates in my hands.
Whatever I do, whatever I hold on to, wherever I go,
you are a must for me, yet you are absent …

Perhaps you are the blue dotted child in June
Ah, no one knows you, no one knows!
A freighter leaks from your deserted eyes…
perhaps you are boarding in Yesilkoy?
You are drenched there, shivering with the rain
Perhaps you are blind, beset, ravished,
Wind is disheveling your hair.

Whenever I think of a life,
at this wolves’ table, maybe hard
shameless, yet without soiling our hands …
Whenever I think of a life,
I begin with your name, defying the silence,
and your secret tides surge within me
No, it wouldn’t happen in other ways
You are a must for me; you never know..

If I Was Going to Give Up, I Wouldn’t Have Loved Her by Can Yucel

They told me you were forbidden
– I told them prohibitions are made to be broken

They told me you were impossible
– I told them the most important thing is to be able to achieve the impossible

They told me it won’t work out
-I told them there is nothing in this world that won’t work out

They told me it was going to be difficult
– I told them if it was easy, it wouldn’t have been worthy

They asked me, “What do you even see in her?”
– I told them, “Something I couldn’t find in anyone else”

They asked me what she means to me
-I told them, “My smile on earth”

They asked me, “How did you become so attached to her?”
– I said, “I didn’t, she attached me to herself”

They asked me, “Well does she love you the way you love her?”
– This was the only thing I couldn’t answer…

They said, “If you don’t know the answer to this, then give up”
– I said, “If I was going to give up, I wouldn’t have loved her”

Whoever I Love Is You By Attila Ilhan

Whoever I love is you / wonder
how your love changes them all,
When their eyes are blue, they turn into leaf green,
They speak in your voice of course,
Their half glances are so dangerous,
They smoke your cigarette just like you do,
Whoever I love is you / wonder
for some reason you are indispensable.

I left everything / neither love nor lust,
The blonde one I start with, ends up brunette,
Their complicated faces are in dark shadows,
Their lips are sharp as a red razor,
We are in trouble! How should we end?
When the guitar moves, the time is punctured,
Whoever I love is you / wonder
your doors are closed, they can’t be entered.

Whoever I love is you/ consisting of you..
I call all of them by your name,
They giggle behind me spoiledly,
The rain that they bring / The one I forgot at you,
that one with big warm seeds.
They kiss wildly like you do,
Whoever I love is you / Wonder
if you are a human or a genie, I don’t understand.

If by Can Yucel

It is not that important to leave and go
if it didn’t leave gaps behind
that were impossible to fill.

Even the big separations are not that hard to endure,
if they were started at the best moment.

Crying is not something to be ashamed of,
if the tears were coming from the heart.

Stealing is not disgraceful,
if it was the heart of somebody that was stolen.

Love has nothing to be afraid of,
if one could get rid of all skins.

A known voice would not make one so upset,
if it was never heard.

The leakproof embraces would perhaps be forgotten more easily,
if they were not wrapped with passionate love.

The big hazel eyes would head to uncertainty as time passes,
if they didn’t look so crazy.

It would perhaps be easy to forget the burning taste of a wet kiss,
if the heart did not press on the rib cage that hard.

The long night conversations could be replaced by something else,
if the last cigarette was not shared breath by breath.

It wouldn’t snow even on dreams,
if fears had not wounded love in the battles.

Time, still as if it would never pass, would fly like an arrow,
if the one that was worth waiting for would come at the end.

Even the colour of the hair in dreams would fade away with time,
if their inexpressible smell had not stuck on the pillows.

Even that huge, that splendid end, death, would lose its meaning,
If everything worth living was already lived.

Loneliness would not be that unbearable,
If the final glimmer of hope had not faded away.

The spring sun perhaps would not heat this much,
if life did not start again after every loss.

It would perhaps not be necessary to smoke before breakfast,
if a giant wave of longing did not challenge.

Maybe the thin waist would remain in memories,
Even if the shameless tea was not given in a thin-waisted glass.

Sleeplessness would not ruin that badly right after short naps,
if the silk skin to touch was not that far away.

Even a jobless home could turn to paradise maybe,
if it was heated by a warm smile.

Poems with the taste of aged wine would not feel as poor,
if there was someone to whisper them to.

It would perhaps not be possible to believe that every love hides a separation deep inside,
if it did not have on its calling card the label ‘the first degree perpetrator of so many separations’.

Daisies would not really look down,
if they did not have their shares from your betrayal.

Coasts would not surrender to solitude,
if you did not try to console yourself with aimless strolls on your own faint coasts.

I will be alone after you go.
and I am not afraid of being alone,
but what if I want to hold your hands…

Yes sweetheart,
Who would miss the smell of the sweat inside your palms,
who would want to lie along your thin fingers,
if these eyes had not witnessed a splendid period in their past!!

Do You Know What to be Offended is? By Nazim Hikmet

Do you know what to be offended is?
To be offended is honesty.
It is childish and because of that it is pure,

To be offended is “I love you”,
refusing to give up.

To be offended means to me:
I am angry, but I am still here, I am not going, I cannot go.

To be offended is to act coyly, to be close, “you are valuable to me”

To be offended means to say that you love, you know, to say “please understand”

To be offended is hope, to leave doubts, to be sure.

So what I want to say is
I am offended by you!

Look at Yourself and Remember Me By Rumi

You’ve no idea how hard I’ve looked for a gift to bring You.
Nothing seemed right.
What’s the point of bringing gold
to the gold mine,
or water to the Ocean.
Everything I came up with was like taking spices to the Orient.
It’s no good giving my heart and my soul
because you already have these.
So- I’ve brought you a mirror.
Look at yourself and
remember me.