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I Think You’re Just Like Everybody Else Now by Nazim Hikmet

My eyes don’t see the love in your eyes.
My heart doesn’t receive the love from them.
I’ve already exhausted my soul, take it, exhaust it a little bit more.
Because I think you’re just like everybody else now.

Though last night I was waiting for you to come,
today I’m running away from you secretly.
See, I’d looked into my heart well enough,
then I understood that you’re just like everybody else.

I completely forgot you, I’m sure of it .
Now my promise belonged to the past.
I don’t even have any grudge against you in my heart.
I think you’re just like everybody else now.

Do You Know What to be Offended is? By Nazim Hikmet

Do you know what to be offended is?
To be offended is honesty.
It is childish and because of that it is pure,

To be offended is “I love you”,
refusing to give up.

To be offended means to me:
I am angry, but I am still here, I am not going, I cannot go.

To be offended is to act coyly, to be close, “you are valuable to me”

To be offended means to say that you love, you know, to say “please understand”

To be offended is hope, to leave doubts, to be sure.

So what I want to say is
I am offended by you!