1. The name Simpson means “son of a simpleton”, which is the reason it was chosen.

2. Every car has its own comedy numberplate: For example, Ned’s car: JHN 143 (chapter from the Bible).

3. Homer’s zig-zag of hair and his ear spell out the initials MG for Matt Groening.

4. The noise of Maggie sucking her dummy was recorded by Groening himself.

5. The type style used for the rolling credits at the end of each episode is based on Groening’s handwriting, it is even called “Matt”.

6. Bart’s full name is Bartholomew Jojo Simpson.

7. The Simpsons are yellow because characters such as Bart who have no hairline would look bald if they were flesh-coloured.

8. Homer’s telephone numbers are: Home: 555-6528. Work: 555-7334

9. When Maggie is put through the supermarket till in the opening credits she costs $847.63 – the official average monthly cost of caring for a baby at the time The Simpsons was created.

10. Lisa’s varying saxophone solos in the opening credits have included pieces by Donovan, Frank Zappa, James Brown, and Charlie Parker.

11. Homer’s catchphrase “D’oh” comes from actor Jim Finlayson, who played support roles in many Laurel and Hardy films. He would cry “doooohhh” every time one of the duo hurt or annoyed him.

12. In the show Bart’s T-shirt is always orange, but it is sometimes blue on official merchandise. It is thought this is a trick to catch out bootleggers.

13. The fictional town of Springfield is in the state of North Takoma, eight miles from Toon Town.

14. Most characters are left-handed because Groening himself is left-handed. It isn’t consistent though.

15. When Michael Jackson provided the voice of a character he was not allowed by his record company to sing or be named so “Lisa It’s Your Birthday” was sung by studio musician Kipp Lennon.

Jackson was called “John Jay Smith” in the credits.

16. George Harrison, Barry White, Linda McCartney and Johnny Cash are just a few celebrities who have played themselves in The Simpsons but have since died.

17. God is the only character to be drawn with five fingers. No one knows exactly why the rest of the characters only have four.

18. It costs £500,000 to make each episode.

19. There is a Lisa Simpson fanclub and a Homer J. Simpson fanclub, but no official Simpsons fanclub.

20. Paul McCartney said he would only appear in the episode where Lisa becomes vegetarian if her character remains a vegetarian.

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